Maintaining the Glow

So here we are again. Welcome back. The last time I got to this point i.e. laptop in hand [actually it was on my lap] and ready to chase this new mission, I felt a warm glow. It stayed there throughout my process of writing my blog introduction. It remained at the pit of my stomach and rose as I got into it. In fact the warm glow came before the writing. I was at the start of something new. I had finally found my seed.   It looked appealing. It looked like it was going to produce something real! Finally! I planted it. It felt right. And when I felt it sprout, I wrote.
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The Garden of England… really?

Please you can call me Ndidi, although I am also referring to myself as “Africa” these days :* Welcome to my blog. I greet you Nnua (Ibo, Nigerian), Akwaaba (Twi, Ghanaian). Once again, you are welcome [we Africans really like to welcome]. This should pose some clue as to what my blog is about – although there’s no telling why a clue is required since the domain name pretty much spells it out. This is why I’ve opted for a long title: cut out the stylish shenanigans and get to the heart of the matter. In other words I am African, West, to be precise. And I live in Kent, aka the “Garden of England” o kwa ya? Actually correction: I am Nigerian by blood, Ghanaian by marriage and English by water [meaning I was born here and No – I did not arrive by boat tenk you]. Continue reading “The Garden of England… really?”